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Bakemill – Dates & Carrots Cake 400g


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Carrots in the cake, make it naturally sweetened. Dates pieces in the cake are more like raisins or dry plums, adding to the flavor and sweetness of the cake.

Started in 2010, Bakemill was born as a dream of two people who wanted to serve delightful cuisines and reliable packed food products to people to make their special moments sweet and memorable. The millions of customers who always choose us over other brands is testimonial to the monumental success we have had over the years. When Keramill was introduced five years later in 2015, the people we always relied on welcomed and accepted the newly introduced products with open hands and warm gestures. After years of persistent growth we now have an array of over 300 food products and a food journey that spreads far and wide over 9 countries.

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