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Chandini Ayurvedic Handmade Soap – Red Sandal 75g


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Ayurbliss Red Sandal Soap is very effective in reducing the blemishes and treating acne. Red Sandal is very well-known for skin protection in Ayurveda. The Kashaya is Red Sandal and is used for the production of Ayurbliss Red Sandal Soap. Red Sandal also goes by the name Raktha Chandana (രക്ത ചന്ദനം).

Red Sandal Benefits:

  • It helps in removal of sun tan and restore skin glow.
  • It has cooling property.
  • It helps to clear pimples.
  • It helps to reduce pigmentation on skin.
  • It helps to reduce scars blemishes.

Red Sandal soap is a rejuvenator for skin and it keeps the skin soft. This herbal soap helps to keep the skin nourished and always glowing.

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