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Kesa Hair Oil 100ml


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Herbal formulations have always attracted attention because of their good activity and competitively lesser or nil side effects with synthetic drugs. “Kesa” is one such product from the house of RCM- that contains a plethora of herbs mainly employed to improve the hair growth activity. The herbs incorporated in Kesa acts at the root level of each hair strand gradually gives nourishment until the tip of the hair. It is the multi-ingredient hair oil, prepared and tested for hair growth activity.

The main ingredient:-

  • (Emblica Officinalis) Amla:- Rich in Vitamin C, Tannins, minerals like Phosphorous, Iron and Calcium which provides nutrition to hair and also causes darkening of hair.
  • Bhringaraja:- Rich in Flavonoids, Phytochemicals etc., stimulates the thickness of hair, growth and prevents premature greying.
  • (Bacopa Monnieri) Brahmi:- Alkanoids which enhance the protein kinase activity that supply required protein nutrition to hair.
  • Neelini (Indiogera tinctoria):- The paste of the leaves promotes hair growth and relieves grey hairs. It improves quality of hair and treats split hairs.
  • Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi):- Strengthen the hair roots.
  • Cardiospermum Halicacabum:- Himalayan herb that nourishes the scalp.
  • Aloevera:- Soothes the scalp and conditions hair.

If you have any of the below stated conditions, then its recommended to go for a consultation with a doctor and get analytical study for your diet /your hair routine/internal supplements so that the external application for hail oil will benefit each individual.

  • Thyroid dysfunction 2. PCOD
  • Insomnia
  • Recurrent respiratory tract infections
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Emotional stress

Kesa a good remedy for dry scaly scalp –when used in combination with “Chandini” Andi Dandruff oil, which is enriched with the leaves of “Dantapala”-Wrightia tinctoria, an ultimate solution for dandruff.

Kesa hair oil is from an ISO and GMP certified company, serving the humanity since 1965. Nourishing hair oil that is recommended for all age groups and hair types. Application of the oil gives a natural cooling effect which also provides good sleep.

Apply an appropriate amount to the scalp and hair, massage for two to three minutes, leave for a minimum of 30 minutes before showering. (Rinse off with mild shampoo).

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