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Ayur By Nature – Dhentapala Soap 100g


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Danthapala\Dhentapala is the common name used for describing a flowering tree commonly found across India, Australia and parts of Southeast Asia. The scientific name for this plant is Wrightia tinctoria but goes by the name Sweet Indrajao, Danthapala or Vettupala. In the northern part of India, this also goes by the name Shwetha Kutaja. The leaves of this plant is a commonly used ingredient of many Ayurvedic preparations for skincare. In India, traditional medicines use the leaf of Danthapala tree to treat Psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Danthapala oil is prepared by heating the leaves of Danthapala tree in coconut oil under sunlight until the leaves dissolve completely. This oil has been effectively used as a remedy in India for addressing dandruff and other skin related conditions. Ayurveda and other forms of traditional medicines have used Danthapala oil as a key ingredient for their skin care and healing products.

Ayur By Nature Danthapala Soap is made from freshly made Denthapala oil and Basil Essential oil for fragrance. The soothing and therapeutic nature of Danthapala oil in the soap makes it a great addition to your cosmetic collection.

Most of the commercially available soaps today are not really soaps by their regulatory definition. They are more of synthetic detergent products than actual soaps. Ayur By Nature products are true soaps prepared by the saponification process using natural elements instead of synthetic elements and chemicals.

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