Maharaja Store


Our story

Maharaja Store is an online retail grocery store with a focus on South Indian groceries. We started in 2019 with a very limited number of dry grocery items delivered to a small number of zip codes within Central New Jersey areas. Today we have more than 1200 products and deliver to most of New Jersey and ship across continental US and Hawaii. 


Maharaja Store offers a wide variety of Indian groceries with a focus on product types from South India, fresh vegetables, frozen fish and meat as well as fresh meat and fresh food. 

Maharaja Store offers free delivery to most of central jersey areas for orders values $50 and above. There is a $13 delivery fee for orders less than $50. For shipping we charge based on the zip code, the weight and size of the ordered items. We currently ship dry groceries and a limited set of items from perishables category. We do not ship frozen, dairy and egg, fresh meat and certain items that weigh heavier than 20lb. Starting January 2022, all orders at or above $200 value will qualify for free delivery to the following zip codes in New York city areas. 

10001 through 10286, 10301 through 10314 and 11201 through 11256.

For the above listed Zip Codes, if the order amount is less than $300, for a delivery fee of $35, the order can be delivered to the customer’s address.

Recent increase in tolls and transportation expenses has forced us to modify our delivery fees. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause to our valuable customers. Please know that we tried every possible optimization to keep the costs in check, but things like toll hikes are beyond our control.

Customer Satisfaction is most important for us here in Maharaja Store. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please reach out to us and we can work with you to address your concern in a reasonable fashion. Please note that to resolve any issue related to the orders, we might request evidence of the problem, like photograph of damaged goods.

For all delivery orders, the time window is 72 hours or less. Most of our orders are delivered within 48 hours. For all shipping orders, we use 3 day shipping for most orders, but some are done using 5 day shipping.

We ship almost all of our non-perishable and some of our perishables products. But there are certain items that we do not ship. They are listed as below.

  • Frozen vegetables, fish and meat.
  • Idli and dosa batter.
  • Eggs and dairy products like yogurt and milk.
  • Certain heavy rice and flour items at 20lb and above weight category.
  • Certain vegetables.

Have you ever tried going to UPS or FedEx or USPS and telling them that because am sending $10,000 worth of goods, I should get free shipping? Or am just sending an item that weighs only a 100g, so can you just send it for free? I bet, they would never let you do that. The reason is, there is a cost to shipping. Nobody will take your package, drive it or fly it or sail it to get to its destination free of charge. There is no free lunch. So when you are shopping at an online store and get free shipping, it’s not that the shipping carrier is just shipping those items for free for that online store, but that the cost of the shipping is included in the price of the items you buy. In other words, you are paying for the shipping when you are buying that product, but it’s not explicitly spelled out.

We at Maharaja Store do not believe in masking the shipping charges behind product pricing. This is why our price stays the same wherever you are shopping from. Be it from the Western Texas or Costal California or from Northern Dakota or from the lakes of Michigan or right here at Piscataway, the price of our products do not change. We keep our pricing honest. When you shop with us, you know exactly where your money is going. If you are getting free delivery in local NJ, then you just spent a $50 minimum total order amount or more. If you are getting it shipped to somewhere in Texas, then you pay price of the items you buy AND the cost of shipping them to your location in Texas. It’s as simple as that.

So next time you see free shipping, just think how much is really going out of your wallet to get them to you. Just try building a cart at our store with the same or similar items and see how much it really takes to get those items to you.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with product quality or would like to cancel the order, you are entitled to a  full refund for the specific product or the whole order, minus any processing fee taken by the transaction processing services. 

We normally use UPS 3-Day shipping if the order has perishables. Sometimes we split the same order with non-perishables sent via UPS Ground or USPS First Class Package and the perishables using UPS 3-Day. When perishables are involved, we sometimes delay the shipping out when the order date falls between a Wednesday and Sunday. This is to minimize the time spent by the perishables in transit.

We do not ship frozen items at the moment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through email or WhatsApp messenger service.

Maharaja Store carries leading brand USDA Organic products from India. 

The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) is the federal agency that regulates the production and labeling of organic products in the United States. To be certified as organic, a product must meet the NOP’s strict standards, which include:

  • Using only organic seeds, livestock feed, and fertilizers
  • Rotating crops to maintain soil fertility
  • Controlling pests and weeds through natural methods, such as crop rotation, cover crops, and biological controls
  • Preventing soil erosion and water pollution
  • Treating animals humanely

Organic products are labeled with the USDA organic seal, which assures consumers that the product has met the NOP’s standards.

If you use Direct Bank Transfer as a payment option, then you can make the payment using Zelle or PayPal to On both instances, the payment will appear as made towards River Heights Trading LLC.

If no payment information is recieved under 2 hours, the order will be automatically cancelled.