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Kitchen Treasures – Easy Palappam Powder 1kg


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Palappam, also known as aappam or vellappam, is a delightful breakfast dish originating from Kerala, India. It’s a type of thin pancake made with fermented rice batter and cooked in a special pan called an appachatti. Its unique blend of fluffy texture, crispy edges, and subtle fermented flavor makes it a beloved morning treat.

Easy palappam mix is a pre-made batter mix used to quickly and easily make fluffy and delicious palappam, a traditional breakfast dish from Kerala, India. Unlike the traditional method that involves fermenting rice batter overnight, this mix allows you to whip up flavorful palappam in a fraction of the time.

Kitchen Treasures was born from the house of Synthite – the world’s largest producer of value-added spices, with a history of over four decades in the production of spices, flavors, spice oleoresins, and pure and blended seasonings. With a goal to produce high-quality ingredients that taste like they were prepared in your mom’s kitchen, Kitchen Treasures products include premium masalas, spices, pastes and pickles.

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