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Major – Easy Idiyappam Powder 1kg


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Idiyappam is a delicious South Indian dish made from rice flour that is steamed into thin noodles. It is a popular breakfast or dinner option, and can also be served as a snack. Idiyappam is known by many names such as string hopper, indiappa, noolputtu, noolappam, and ottu shavige depending on the region.

Idiyappam originated in South India, particularly in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. It is also popular in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Rice flour and water are the main ingredients for the base. Depending on the recipe, salt, oil, and sometimes even eggs might be added. The rice flour dough is pressed through a mold with holes, creating thin noodles. These noodles are then shaped into flat discs and steamed in a special steamer. Idiyappam is traditionally served with a variety of side dishes, such as coconut chutney, vegetable stew, sambar, or fish curry. It can also be enjoyed with just a drizzle of ghee or sweetened with jaggery or grated coconut.

The first and only product of its kind in the market. South India’s favorite breakfast Idiyappam brought to you in a different way. Major 8 minutes Easy Idiyappam is so special for its ease of preparation, less cooking time and giving your tastebuds the traditional taste. The smooth strings of Major Easy Idiyappam says it all.

To one cup of Major Easy Idiyappam podi add approx. 3/4 to 1 cup of normal room temperature water and salt to taste. Mix to make a smooth dough. Press the dough through a sevenazhi to an idiyappam tray and steam for 4 to 5 minutes. Tasty Major idiyappam is ready to serve.

Major is a brand owned by Positive Associates. Positive Associates started their food products line in 1997 from their facilities based out of Aluva in Kerala. Today its one of the leading food products brand in Kerala and the Middle Eastern countries.

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