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Mother’s Recipe – Shahi Paneer 50g


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Shahi paneer is a rich and creamy Indian curry made with paneer (Indian cottage cheese), tomatoes, onions, cashews, cream, and spices. It is a popular dish in North India and is known for its mild and flavorful taste.

The name “shahi paneer” literally means “royal paneer”, and it is believed to have originated in the Mughal era, when India was ruled by Muslim emperors. The Mughals were known for their love of food and their patronage of the arts, and they brought a new level of sophistication to Indian cuisine. Shahi paneer is a reflection of this Mughal influence, with its rich flavors and elegant presentation.

Shahi paneer is typically made by first frying the paneer cubes in butter until golden brown. The tomatoes, onions, cashews, and spices are then blended into a puree and added to the pan. The curry is then simmered until it is thickened and creamy. Finally, the paneer cubes and cream are added to the curry and heated through.

Shahi paneer is typically served with rice or naan bread. It can also be served with other Indian side dishes, such as raita, dal, and tandoori chicken.

Desai Foods Pvt. Ltd. owns ‘Mother’s Recipe’, the well-known ethnic food brand that has had a presence in India and across the world since 2001.

The Mother’s Recipe brand essence as the name suggests, revolves around a mother’s love which she pours into the food she prepares for her family. The brand pays homage to this endeavor by creating products that bring together heart-warming flavors born from a union of authentic taste and rich tradition from all over the country.

Mother’s Recipe offer a wide range of products such as pickles, ready-to-cook spice mixes, instant mixes, chutneys, papads, cooking pastes, and sharbats are a true celebration of Indian cuisine and home cooked food.

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