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MTR – Dal Makhani 300g


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Dal Makhani is a very popular lentil side dish and is made using whole Urad Dal cooked in a mix of butter (Makhan) and cream (Malai). The dish has a smooth and creamy texture and is often dressed with a combination of dry and powdered herb mixes.

Taste the combined benefits of convenience, health and variety – only with MTR Foods’ Ready-To-Eat range. Each item on our Ready-To-Eat menu is natural, preservative-free and 100% vegetarian. Our technology also ensures that each item delivers that ‘just-cooked’ freshness straight on your plate!

MTR Foods is a food products company based in Bengaluru, India. The company manufactures a range of packaged foods including breakfast mixes, ready to eat meals, masalas and spices, snacks and beverages. MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Norwegian conglomerate Orkla. MTR stands for Mavalli Tiffin Rooms.

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