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Tava Fresh – Uncooked Organic Roti 481g


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Franco Whole Foods takes pride in bringing you a premium organic uncooked roti that cooks fresh in just seconds. Organic Tava Fresh is crafted in the culinary tradition of India. Combining the benefits of organic sprouted wheat with wholesome organic ingredients, Tava Fresh eliminates the hassles of preparation and locks in freshness to allow you to conveniently savor the homemade style and taste of resh roti. No more hassles, simply heat up your tava, watch your roti puff p, end ENJOY!

Tava Fresh is a brand owned by Franco Wholefoods from San Diego, California. The primary mission of Franco Whole Foods, LLC it to develop, manufacture and distribute premium uncooked tortillas and other high quality fresh food items with no preservatives and healthy or organic options when possible.

Franco Whole Foods serves the needs of distributors, wholesalers and retailers across the US, in Canada and Mexico. With 25 years of experience in the food manufacturing  industry, the Franco Family continues to grow and innovate wholesome and fresh food options for their customers and distributors.

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