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Elite Jackfruit Cake 600g


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Jackfruit cake is a cake made with, unsurprisingly, jackfruit! This tropical fruit’s neutral flavor and meaty texture make it a surprisingly adaptable base for cakes. Its unripe form, with its firm flesh and neutral taste, is typically used in savory dishes, while the ripe jackfruit’s sweetness shines in desserts like cake.

Elite Jackfruit Cake is made with the goodness of real jackfruit. Enjoy the rich and moist taste and texture of this cake by itself or pair with your favorite ice cream for an elevated dessert experience.

The Elite Food Division runs one of the largest food companies in South India that retails to more than 60,000 outlets in India through a network of 1,100 distributors. Elite is an ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP certified company that has adopted a Total Productivity Maintenance policy under the guidance of the renowned Japanese Institute of Productivity Management (JIPM).


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