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Janaki – Thick Sev 200g


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Sev is a crispy and savory snack prepared from besan (gram flour) and spices. The gram flour based dough is mixed with spices and deep fried in oil in long cylindrical shapes. Depending on the thickness, they are classified as fine, thin and thick or even extra thick sev. Janaki snacks are made in USA and packed in airtight package to keep the freshness locked for longer periods of time.

Janaki Foods began in 2008 with the noble intention of the traditional South Indian culinary taste from our kitchen to yours. The name is inherited from our mother, Janaki Srinivasan, whose culinary expertise, coupled with our love of tradition, became our founding principles. With time-tested recipes and extensive research, we embarked on our journey to bring delectable snacks and sweets to your table.

We endeavor to bring our cuisine to every household in the USA while adhering to strict quality, safety, and hygenic measures. Come be our guest, and let us celebrate life together with Janaki’s Snacks and Sweets.

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