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KPN Jeerakaarishtam 450ml


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Jeerakaarishtam is popular and commonly used post-natal care dietary supplement, recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners in India. Jeeraka or Jeera is the Indian name for Cumin seeds. As the name indicates, this herbal combination is prepared from Cumin seeds, which is well known for their detoxification effect in your body and help in digestive process. Its a commonly used dietary supplement in India during post-natal care for improving the process of lactation and recovery from post-delivery complications.

This is a vitamin and herbal supplement product and not a medicinal product.

Kalan Pharmaceuticals, an ayurvedic manufacturing Company is a partnership firm run by three partners hailing from Ayurveda vaidya family having more than 75 years of rich heritage in Ayurveda.

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