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Nutrela – Soya Mini Chunks 200g


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Nutrela, one of the most trusted, 100% vegetarian Soya food brands in India, offers Soya Chunks which is full of nutrition and are also easy to prepare.

The Nutrela Soya mini chunks comes in handy when you are trying to get your kids to eat healthy. With Nutrela soya mini chunks you can make dishes that are both healthy and tasty. After all, Nutrela Soya mini chunks has 52% Dhaakad Protein. This is the highest source of protein. This is equal to consuming 16 bowls of cooked daal, 17 boiled eggs, and 18 glasses of cow’s milk!

Nutritional Facts about Nutrela Soya

It is quite easy to store the Nutrela Soya Mini Chunks once you have bought it and used it. You would need to store it in an airtight box, and store in a cool, dry place.

Most kids are fussy eaters. For them, vegetable dishes cannot be tasty. However, with a plethora of recipes that are both creative and healthy on our website, mothers can now convince their kids to have a nutritious and protein-rich food.

Protein Content for Nutrela Soya

Nutrela Soya has 52% Dhaakad Protein, which is the highest source of protein. If your child does not have enough protein and you are at your wondering how to ensure they have some way of consuming it, then the Nutrela Soya Mini Chunks is the best thing for you to give them. You can add a healthy twist to their favorite dishes – be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner – or even snacks!

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