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Telugu – Mango Avakaya 300g


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Mango Avakaya Pickle: A unique, spicy, tangy and flavorful mix veg pickle that enhances the taste of every meal, giving you an amazing experience. Lets the original flavor perfectly blend with the pickle ingredients.

  • Prepared using the finest ingredients & an age old recipe handed down from generation to generation, which helps in retaining the traditional and authentic handmade flavor.
  • Mango Avakaya Pickle is prepared with the best ingredients in hygienic conditions and goes through rigorous testing before being packed.
  • Organically picked vegetables. It does not contain any artificial preservatives or ingredients.

Telugu Foods is a brand owned by Teja’s Food Industries LLP. The origins of Telugu Foods trace as far back as to 1979, where is was sold under the name of Vamana Pickles. Since then, Telegu Foods has been dedicated in offering the best experience for their customers. Telegu Foods assure that every product is made with the best ingredients under hygienic conditions. Telegu products are made by hand and use traditional methods to create the authentic taste.

  • Contains Garlic
  • Store it in a dry and cool place.
  • Mix well before serving and serve only with a dry spoon. Let the top oil sit for freshness.

Find more details at Telugu Foods portal.

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