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Brahmins Sliced Mango Pickle 400g


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Sliced mango pickle, also known as manga achar or maavadu, is a popular Indian condiment made from raw green mangoes. It is a traditional pickle that is widely enjoyed in South India, particularly in states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The process of making sliced mango pickle involves preserving the raw mangoes in a blend of spices and oil. Sliced mango pickle is known for its tangy, spicy, and flavorful taste. It can be served as a side dish with rice, dosa, idli, or other Indian meals. Pickles like these are not only delicious but also act as natural preservatives, allowing people to enjoy the taste of mangoes even when they are out of season.

Starting with the vegetarian promise made in 1987, Brahmins Foods was guided by its passionate love for good, healthy, meat-free food. As a family-owned business, Brahmins Foods experimented with exotic Indian spices and today, the rich variety is trusted by kitchens home and abroad. All of Brahmins Group’s offerings are tied together with the promise of uncompromised quality and personal stance with the customers.

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