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Anand Kolhapuri Jaggery 2lb


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Jaggery is a type of un-processed sweetener, made by evaporating raw sugarcane juice without separating the molasses from the crystals. The resulting residue is softer than refined sugar with a color variation from golden yellow to dark brown. Since Jaggery is unprocessed, it get to retain the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals hence making it a healthier alternative to processed sugar which looses most of these benefits in the processing. Jaggery is available in various forms – cubes, balls and powder.

The sugarcane produced in fertile land of Kolhapur is rich in Sugar grain and the color-body proportion is less compared to other areas. This allows maximum amount of the colored impurity to be easily removed while preparing the jaggery.  The traditional jaggery blenders are specialized in the blending it to light red-brown color as required. This light colored and rich in sweetness makes Kolhapuri jaggery very famous across different markets.

Anand is a brand owned by Babco Foods from New Jersey. Babco Foods was launched in New Jersey, USA, in 2002 by Bob and Olivia Vaz. Initially, Babco imported and distributed Anand brand snack products, known for their superior quality, and manufactured in the Kerala and Karnataka states of India. The product line was well received and, combined with responsive customer service and fast turnaround logistics capabilities, coverage within the northeast region of the United States quickly grew. Currently Babco Foods represents several companies as exclusive distributors of their products within the US market.

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