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Ayur By Nature – Red Sandal Soap 100g


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Red Sandal or Raktha Chandana as commonly known in Kerala is a very commonly used ingredient for cosmetic products and treatments in traditional skin care in India. The red sandalwood is available in coarse powder form which is used in various home remedies to address acne and blemishes on skin. It’s also a very common ingredient for homemade face masks. A common process is to mix the red sandalwood powder with a little bit of lemon juice to for a paste that is then applied to face and left on for 10 to 15 minutes. Washing them off after 15 minute with lukewarm water would leave your skin hydrated and nourished. It’s also found to help in regulating the secretion of sebum and makes the pores tight.

The Red Sandalwood soap by Ayur By Nature is prepared from ground sandalwood and infused with Cedarwood or Devadaroo Essential oil to give a refreshing feel to your skin and natural sandalwood fragrance after use.

Most of the commercially available soaps today are not really soaps by their regulatory definition. They are more of synthetic detergent products than actual soaps. Ayur By Nature products are true soaps prepared by the saponification process using natural elements instead of synthetic elements and chemicals.

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