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Britannia – Treat 120g



In 2002, Britannia lovingly baked a Treat for little pranksters. An irresistible range of yummy, creamy biscuits to fuel their tricks. For over a decade, kids have hatched many a clever conspiracy to bite into a Treat. Its lip-smacking flavors, cool shapes and soft cream famous with the kids and in the market.

Playfully soft cream that’s perfect for all-day scoop ‘n’ licking! Each lickalicious flavor is filled with scoopy soft cream that attracts kids to scoop ‘n’ lick. Crispy biscuit shells and a star shaped cream top make this Delicious range yummy-for-the-tummy.

You have O’som Orange, Crazy Pineapple and Buzzy Strawberry flavors available.


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Weight 0.3 lbs

Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry