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Daily Delight – Frozen Puffs Pastry Sheets 530g


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Puff is a very common snack found in South India especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu states. This is a baked wrap with fillings made of vegetables, egg mix or meat mix and the wrap is fluffy and layered. This fluffy and layered outer wrap is made using puff pastry where the stuffing is wrapped and sealed in this pastry sheet before baking to make tasty and fluff puff.

Puff Pastry is a dough based product made by layering butter and dough repeatedly over multiple layers. Ingredients used are butter, salt, water and flour. No leavening agents are required in this process. The layering process is a very complicated one where a block of butter is wrapped in dough and then repeatedly rolling and folding over until the layering is complete. In the end hundreds of thin layers of dough and butter are alternated in the sheet of pastry which is then cut into required sizes. Due to complexity of the process and the amount of time it takes, its a whole lot easier to buy these sheets off the shelf for your baking needs.

Daily Delight is a brand under Parayil Group. Parayil Group, under the visionary leadership of the Founder Chairman Late Mr. P.J. Mathew, entered the food industry in 1993 by exporting Spices and Masalas to the USA. Chairman Mr. P.J. Mathew, an agriculturist by tradition and associated with the Rubber and Hospitality Industries, then took on the challenges of processing and freezing Porottas and other Bread items, for export to quality-conscious international markets. Today, his legacy continues, with his sons following his principles.

At Daily Delight, the focus is on Quality of our Products, leading to authentic Taste, achieved through reliable processes leading to consistent quality of products, batch after batch.

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