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Daily Delight – Pearlspot Cleaned Panready 2lb


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Pearl Spot generally known as Karimeen (കരിമീൻ) in Kerala is a fresh water fish, known for its unique taste when fried or baked with south Indian spices. This fish goes by different names in the region including many south Indian and western Indian states as well as Sri Lanka. In Tamilnadu, it is known as the ‘pappan or pappa(பப்பான்,பப்ப). In Goa it goes by the name kalundar. In Orissa\Odisha, its known as kundal(କୁଣ୍ଡଳ ମାଛ). In Sri Lanka this fish is called as Mal koraliya or athu koraliya. This fish is the official state fish of the South Indian state of Kerala.

Daily Delight is a brand under Parayil Group. Parayil Group, under the visionary leadership of the Founder Chairman Late Mr. P.J. Mathew, entered the food industry in 1993 by exporting Spices and Masalas to the USA. Chairman Mr. P.J. Mathew, an agriculturist by tradition and associated with the Rubber and Hospitality Industries, then took on the challenges of processing and freezing Porottas and other Bread items, for export to quality-conscious international markets. Today, his legacy continues, with his sons following his principles.

At Daily Delight, the focus is on Quality of our Products, leading to authentic Taste, achieved through reliable processes leading to consistent quality of products, batch after batch.

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