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Keramill – Jackfruit Flour Puttu Podi 1kg


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Puttu podi is a dry-roasted, lightly coarse powder made from super quality rice or other grains. The quality is enhanced when the powder is made kneading along with coconut milk. Puttupodi is specially prepared to allow steam flow while cooking, so as to make a healthy, tasty breakfast. Puttu is generally made by cooking a layered wet puttu powder mix along with grated coconut and cooked in a tubular vessel. This cooking vessel also known as Puttu Maker can  be made of steel, aluminum or sometimes with hollow bamboo sticks specially cut for this purpose.

Generally Puttu powder is made from white rice. But sometimes, red matta rice is also used for preparing the puttu flour and its called Chemba or red puttu powder. Nowadays alternate flours like jackfruit flour are used for making the puttu powder. Jackfruit flour has the added benefit of being carb free or reduced carb which is a healthy alternative for people who have dietary restrictions due to diabetic conditions.

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