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KPN Abhayarishtam 450ml


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Abhayarishtam is a commonly used herbal and vitamin supplement to get relief from intestine related issues like constipation, appetite loss, digestive and other gut related issues and urine and bladder related issues. This arishtam is commonly used as an agent to cleanse and strengthen the digestive tract and thus providing relief from the earlier mentioned conditions. An added benefit of this arishtam is that it provides significant relief from intestinal hemorrhoids by relieving the intestinal pressure and addressing the swelling of intestinal veins.

Abhayarishtam contains amla and haritaki extracts which enables this arishtam to provide anti-inflammatory and aids in healing from fungal and bacterial infections of the intestine.

This is a vitamin and herbal supplement product and not a medicinal product.

Kalan Pharmaceuticals, an ayurvedic manufacturing Company is a partnership firm run by three partners hailing from Ayurveda vaidya family having more than 75 years of rich heritage in Ayurveda.

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