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Telugu – Tandoori Chicken Masala 70g


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Tandoori chicken masala is a spice mix used to marinate and cook chicken in the tandoori style. It is a blend of ground spices, including coriander, cumin, turmeric, red chili powder, garam masala, and garlic powder. The spices are typically roasted or ground together to release their flavors. Tandoori chicken masala can be used to marinate chicken, vegetables, or tofu. It can also be used to make a tandoori curry.

Telugu Foods started in 1979 as ‘Vamana Pickles’. Today Telugu Foods have reached most part of the world, including a huge network of sales locations within the US and Canada. Telugu Food products are made with age old traditional recipes for the authentic taste. Their products undergo rigorous quality testing and are US-FDA approved. Currently Telugu Foods are tasted and enjoyed in over 25+ countries. An exceptional aspect of Telugu Foods products is that they do not contain any artificial preservatives.