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Britannia Toastea – Milk Rusk



Taste the Britannia Toastea Milk Rusk for the crispy crunchy Tea Moments !!! Milk toast and Tea are the ultimate pair. Milk is a great source of energy and is packed with nutrition. Britannia Milk Toastea contains the goodness of milk. Make sure your family gets a filling and energetic start to their day with a cup of tea and a few slices of Britannia Milk Toastea. Happy munching !!!

Britannia Industries Limited was established in 1892 by a group of British businessmen in Kolkata, India. Currently the group is managed by the Wadia Group and is one of the well known companies in India. The company sells its Britannia and Tiger brands of biscuits, breads and dairy products throughout India and in more than 60 countries across the world.

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