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Bukhari – Jeerakashala Rice



Jeerakashala or Kali Jeera rice, is short grained and a variant of Basmati rice. It cooks in a very short amount of time, producing a delicate aroma, taste, and texture. This rice is used mostly for Biriyani preparation in the Malabar\Northern Kerala region.

Bukhari brand is an in-house brand of River Heights Trading Inc. from Canada. The Bukhari brand of Jeerakashala is a premium brand of aged jeerakashala rice. The same brand is used by the famous Thalasseri Kalyana Biriyani – the delicious biriyani served during weddings in Thalasseri and neighboring areas in the Malabar region. The aroma and taste of biriyani made with Bukhari rice are easily distinguishable from the other brands and make this brand a very unique one.


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