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Cothas Coffee – Specialty Blend 1 lb


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The most reliable day-starter of the South. Cothas Coffee’s best selling product for home consumption, with an optimally aromatic sound-bodied blend, marked by a chocolatey note. Great with traditional steel filter and electric coffee makers.

85% coffee, 15% chicory.

It began with retailing coffee in the neighborhood that subsequently lead to the brewing of a filter coffee behemoth and the founding of a family. Both carrying the name of Cothas. The credit goes to the sensibilities of a visionary, Sri Krishnaiah Chetty, who, in 1947, set up shop selling filter coffee powder to domestic customers and hoteliers. He procured the green coffee seeds of different varieties from the local market, and masterfully roasted them in perfect temperatures, then finely ground, and packed and sealed them before customers.

Cothas isn’t merely the legacy of a matchless coffee company thriving for 70 years. It’s also the proud title of the family at its helm. With the third generation of the Cothas family now leading the brand towards newer palates, it’s clear Sri Krishnaiah Chetty’s descendants inherited his sensibilities. Fully owning and managing Cothas Coffee, the father-son duo of Mr. C. K.Sreenathan and Mr. C. S. Nithin took the company to the apex of the finest filter coffee makers on the planet.

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