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Major – Chemba Puttu Podi 1kg


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Puttu is a breakfast dish made by steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with grated coconut. This dish is a very popular in Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu. Major Chemba Puttu Podi is prepared from traditional Kuttanadan chemba rice, specially processed to retain the traditional taste and flavor.

To one cup of Major Chemba puttu podi, add sufficient salt. Gently wet the mix with one cup of water to make a soft dough, neither too wet nor dry. Lease aside for five minutes and check the wetness. Use more water if needed. Cook in steam with grated coconut. Healthy and tasty Major Chemba Puttu is ready to serve.

Major is a brand owned by Positive Associates. Positive Associates started their food products line in 1997 from their facilities based out of Aluva in Kerala. Today its one of the leading food products brand in Kerala and the Middle Eastern countries.

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