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Nice – Rice (പത്തൽ) Powder 1 kg


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Pathiri or Pathal (പത്തൽ) is a pancake made of rice flour. It is part of the local cuisine among the Mappilas of Malabar region in Kerala State of Southern India. Traditionally its prepared using crushed rice is made into a white dough and baked on pans called oadu. A good alternate is to use specially prepared rice flour\powder to make the dough by mixing with water and then using them to make flat, think rice pancakes which are then cooked over a pan.

Since its inception, Geeyar Nice Food Products has been paying great attention to keep superior quality and excellent taste for each of its products. The commitment starts from sourcing the finest raw materials directly from trusted fields and intensely continues to precise processing, production and flavour-lock packing in a state-of-the-art factory. Stringent quality control measures are taken to ensure the quality. The commitment accompanies the products till they turn as superb dishes that take the taste buds to exciting territories of taste.

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