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Nirapara – Easy Palappam Podi 1kg


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Palappam is a variation of plain appam or vellayappam recipe to which grated coconut is added while the mix is ground. This mix is let to ferment and then poured into a bowl shaped pan to make palappam.

Coupled with social responsibility and a heartfelt desire to bring tasty and healthy rice to traditional Kerala homes, the visionary Shri. K.K.R Karnan established K.K.R. Mills in 1976, which has since transformed into the Nirapara Brand, a name synonymous with quality food for millions of consumers around the world.
After establishing itself as a premium rice manufacturer, the company has diversified its business. By employing state-of-the-art technology, the company introduced a wide range of food products into the market under the Nirapara brand. From whole spices to masala powders, vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles, the brand offers numerous products other than rice which are nutritionally rich and full of Nature’s goodness.

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