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Manna -Barnyard Millet 2lb


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Millet is a grain and a staple food in many parts of the world. There are many different kinds of millet, which all have similar health benefits. The Barnyard millet is a wild seed and not a grain, mainly grown in the hilly areas of Uttaranchal, India. The barnyard millet is one of the fastest growing crop, producing ripe grains within 45 days from the sowing time under optimal weather conditions. The other names of barnyard millet are shyama in Bengali, moraiyo in Gujarati, sanwa in Hindi, oodalu in Kannada, kuthiraivolly in Tamil and udalu in Telugu.

Reference: Med India

Manna is constantly trying to make a healthy choice a habit. Introducing Manna ethnic millets to give your family maximum nutritional benefits. Few decades back, people ate more millets than rice. Now modern science is re-discovering the health promoting properties of millets. So bring back the Age Old Wisdom to your home with Manna Ethnic Millet. Naturally gluten-free, these millets can be cooked like rice and used to replace rice in many dishes.

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