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Mayil – White Raw Rice (പച്ചരി) 2 kg


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White raw rice, also known simply as raw rice, refers to rice grains that have had their husk removed but still retain the bran and germ layers. It is called “raw” because it has not undergone any additional processing such as parboiling or polishing, which is why it retains a slightly off-white or pale color.

White raw rice is popular in many cuisines and is commonly used for various dishes. It can be cooked as plain steamed rice, used in pilafs, biryanis, fried rice, and other rice-based recipes. Additionally, it can be milled further to remove the bran and germ layers entirely, resulting in polished white rice, which is widely consumed worldwide. However, it’s important to note that removing the bran and germ layers reduces the nutritional content of the rice, as these layers contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Mayil is a brand owned by Kottackal Agro Foods from Kerala, India. Based out of Kaladi in Kerala state of India, Kottackal Agro Foods is a pioneer in producing some of the best quality rice and wheat based products in India. Using sophisticated sortex machines imported from Japan, Mayil brand has been one of the leading brand in rice and rice based products from India in terms of quality and consistency. Export operations started in 1991 and within a short span of time became one of the favorite brand of rice and rice products in the Middle East and Eurpoe. Through constant quality checks and strict control over the quality of products on a continuous basis, Mayil brand has been certified as per ISO 9001 by AQA (American Quality Assessors) in 2002.


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