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Tata Sampann – Kitchen King Masala 100g


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Tata Sampann’s range of spices is crafted to meet not just your taste, but also your health needs. We source our spices from the most authentic places and their full-bodied flavor and nutrition are boosted by their natural oils, which we retain. All our blended spices have been specially crafted by Indian master chef Sanjeev Kapoor. We have combined whole spices that too have their natural oils retained to make your meals an unforgettable experience.

Only a healthy body can house a healthy mind, and the way to get there is to consume nourishing, wholesome food. Tata Sampann provides a power packed combination of flavors, health and convenience, with products that are as natural as they are nutritious. Tata Sampann believes that health and taste are qualities that go hand in hand. Food that is natural with wholesome nutrition retained is also more likely to taste better and this is what keeps our consumers coming back – it is this assured delivery of great nutrition with great taste that inspires our brand signature: Sarvgunn Sampann (endowed with every good quality).

Tata Sampann is a brand owned by Tata Sons Pvt Ltd in India.

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